Logitech is one of the most efficient companies of Apple accessories, a licensed brand of Cupertino company itself since they shared many technologies to make these Logitech products fully compliant with Apple contracts. One of the main things users are looking for lately is to comply with HomeKit, a law affiliated with the home company Carlertino. ToThey were supposed to unlock details about Logitech “Circle” cameras with HomeKit and many other features.

It might be a good time to refresh your surveillance camera.

This information appeared on Reddit by user D00Duk there and shared a picture of the set. This camera will be called "Circle View" and as expected, it has a fully rotated frame. According to Logitech's promotional image

It promises to be the best camera of this type on the market, capable of capturing a full HD resolution of up to 180º diagonal with high quality Ultra Wide Angle Optics. Without a doubt we cannot be sure that the information is 100% accurate, but we do know that Logitech is able to make products of this kind.

Theoretically, we have a wide adaptive technology to be able to see very clear images of both back and forth light. Night vision is also available and can provide sharpness even on objects or people up to 5 meters away. Obviously for being Compatible with HomeKit we have complete integration with our Apple devices for faster management without using a provider program. That way we can establish routines, provide Siri and much more. We have no details on the release date or price, but Logitech will soon make the move.