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Although the battle over cell phone costs is not as sharp as in recent years, we continue to see rivals move to gain more market share.

The latest proposal was made by Amena, who has seen that Lowi, a low-cost Vodafone operator, has gradually taken over the center.

Fiber, fixed and domestic at 35.95 euros per Amena

The new standard presented by the operator is a combination that includes a home internet line with fiber optics and a mobile line with 20 GB of data.

The mobile line has unlimited calls and SMS are also endless

. To this we must add to this 20 GB of data per month that if we don't spend we can accumulate next month, something Lii does is fashion and now her competitors have to copy.

Fiber Optic is 100 Mbps and is asymetric. Of course, if you don't have direct access to Orange and have to use indirect access, such as Telefonica, the price goes up by 3 euros per month.

In addition we must add land line installation with free calls to world spaces.

Forever but for a while

This value is not temporary and anyone who uses it can have it permanently. Of course, the same contract period extends to September 30, 2020. Apart from this proposal, Amena has two more at a higher price, even though it has mobile lines or GB for more details.


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