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This is Collab, the New app for creating Facebook Music



This is Collab, the New app for creating Facebook Music

Facebook continues to expand its catalog of applications. After presentation app for your gaming platform, Facebook stores and CatchUp, a video call app; The company founded by Mark Zuckerberg now owns a An app to test that music lovers will love telephone Collab and whether the beta phase already exists.

The Facebook New Product Test (NPE) team has announced Collab beta version, only available to those with an invitation. An entirely new app to come, meanwhile, for devices with iOS operating system and that includes both content creators and fans to create, view, mix and match original videos starting with music.

Facebook Collab App

Promotional Photos for Collab, a new Facebook app for music lovers

Considering that music is one of the most powerful media, Facebook confirms that Collab also uses technology to help people “Turn on super creative power”

collaborate on original music videos from anywhere in the world. Due to isolation by Covid-19, Mark Zuckerberg's popular social network has sought to accelerate the launch of Collab, though it is currently only available in beta and Apple devices.

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This is Collab, a new app for creating Facebook music

Collab users can collaborate on music videos. Interaction is about three different videos playing in sync. With the app, each user can create their own video by adding recording or swiping and accessing other records

to finish building your theme. So, it is an excellent app for music lovers and for those with experience in the world.

Once the design is done, the user can post a video for others to watch, mix and match. You can even share creation with others Instagram, Facebook News or other platform by following a few steps. One of Collab's goals is, despite the fact that at present we are all separate, to make each person feel united.

Collab is in the testing phase, so there is still a lot of work to be done to vote and some minor mistakes can be found to report to the company. To participate in the beta of the application, each user must subscribe to the waiting list and wait for the company to send you an invitation. Invitations to open with bands, starting with users from the United States and Canada.

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