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This is HealthKit news on iOS 14



This is HealthKit news on iOS 14

HealthKit news on iOS 14

HealthKit is proof that health matters to Apple. In partnership with the Apple Watch, this development kit provides the tools needed for the developer and user to create and enjoy, respectively, health apps and surveillance. The Apple Watch also includes the option to perform ECG and help determine whether it is abnormal or not. During the WWDC a few weeks ago, Apple pointed to HealthKit news between us New signs to follow, it is possible turn on ECGs for third-party applications and finally, new travel options on the Apple watch.

ECGs can be opened with other apps thanks to HealthKit

HealthKit is an important framework that integrates personal and third party personal information and helps people manage their health information. Learn about the latest updates from HealthKit, which provides access to reading EKGs on the Apple Watch, and record and track over a dozen features and their complexity. We will also review the latest types of travel data, such as walking speed and step length, to help people monitor and understand their movements over time.

A development kit A set of tools that rotate the theme and allow the developer to do certain things. Apple has many development tools such as ARKit, HealthKit or ResearchKit. Today we will focus more HealthKit and its issues were presented at the WWDC.

First, the EKG reading is opened to third-party applications. Therefore, developers will be able to create applications that allow records to be stored and analyzed. An example would be the health centers in our cities that allow us to directly download our electros from our iPhone or Apple Watch.

Second, Apple is included New symptoms followed inside kit. Some of these new symptoms are Wheezing, diarrhea, sleep changes, nasal congestion, urinary incontinence, fatigue, swelling … In this way, developers and investigators can remedy these symptoms and their occurrence with existing diseases.

Finally, they are integrated new travel options within Apple Watch:

  • Movement speed and step length
  • Climbing and speed of stair name
  • 6 minute distance test
  • Asymmetric motion

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