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this is how Xiaomi 100-inch TV is installed




Xiaomi is a company with a wide range of products, from smartphones as well watches, or smart light bulbs. The Chinese company, which launched in the market last April in China Xiaomi Mi 10 Edition for teens, also known as Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite 5G, has its own television set. A product that was in the news recently when a user showed up on social networks the titanic work of installing Xiaomi & # 39; s-inch, a process that adds up to crane.

Redmi, i Xiaomi sub-brand, launched less than a month ago with his big one 98-inch television, Redmi TV Max, which is the company's largest television set, with a range of more than two feet in torment to install in-house, as shown Twitter user @xiaomishka. A product of unusual size and size, size (1,255 × 2,190 mm) and weight (70.1 kg) whose installation requires manpower at least three technicians and a crane.

Xiaomi TV cricket

In the pictures you can see how big this television company does its transport is very difficult. For example, the length and breadth of it makes putting it on just about any wardrobe indoors. Xiaomi has a solution that includes a crane. In China, the company is providing crane service so that it can launch this large television through a house window. A service that you can also see in photos of a user participating on a social network for a blue bird.

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Xiaomi offers a special service to install the 48-inch Redmi TV Max

Due to the size, weight and size of this television, Xiaomi offers this unique home delivery service at a bargain, in exchange about 2,600 euros

. During this time, the user took photos from the rest of the company, where a Chinese company needed a crane to lift the product from introduce it to the customer's home. The image is at least curious and illustrates the company's efforts to expand beyond the smartphone market.

Undoubtedly, they are intriguing and curious, which also work to make a person realize the average size of this great television, the input is really complex. Plus, because of its size, it will also be important to have a wide lounge area to enjoy the 48-inch Redmi TV Max.

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