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Without fail Roborock is already one of the most important manufacturers in robots are used in smart homes, and does the company based in Shenzhen, China, in the midst of its creation have some of the best-bought and best-selling vacuum robots – Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum, for example – in addition the best LiDAR navigation in the market they do not clean spaces.

This LiDAR ride has, in fact, been upgraded to a Roborock S6 MaxV introduced a few days ago, AI robot vacuum cleaner be able to look around you thanks to the stereo camera system so that identify obstacles automatically in real time, and to be able to get yourself out of the problems of cleaning around.

Roborock H6, reviews and ideas: this is a 21st century broom

In any case, Roborock lives not only in vacuum robots, they also have a wireless vacuum treated like this Roborock H6 that today we present in detail, and that Andro4all anyway we were able to thoroughly evaluate the submission about this vacuum cleaner. Can you join us to see you?

Roborock brings to Spain the new Roborock H6 smart cleaner, a 1.4-pound broom that can clear all debris in the home for up to 90 minutes.

Technical sheet and specification

We're always off to a great start, and the goal is to know all that Roborock H6 Adapt has to offer a full list of features and technical specifications, so you don't miss what this robot can do for you if you just look:

Roborock H6
Specification and data sheet
Dimensions284 x 111 x 221 (mm)
Weight1.4 (kg)
Capacity of tank400 (ml)
Noise level72 dB
Price strength420 W
DrumsPo 80 Wh (22.2 V / 3,160 mAh), fully recharge in 4 hours
Independence90 minutes in Eco mode, 45 minutes in normal mode and 10 minutes in Max mode
Cleaning activitiesRemoval and wash tank and filters, HEPA filter, 5 air filters, main brush cleaning gears, dust cleaning brush, adjustable tube, set of accessories
OthersWall wrap charging station, power off in power off mode, OLED display with selection of cleaning modes, battery level and maintenance notifications

This is the Roborock H6, and that's all it has to offer us

They say from Roborock that the best thing about their new H6 Adapt is that, its ability to adapt, and that designed for deep cleaningThe fact is that it can be integrated with a robot vacuum cleaner or used independently a very simple and adaptable broom for the futureIt is easy to lift a vacuum even in the highest rooms and can be easily transported due to its strong construction, high-quality materials and weighing only 1.4 pounds.

But it is not only in its invention that the intelligence of this portable cosmetic cleanser, whose intelligence has developed automatically detect carpets and activate turbo mode, it adds up to a 420 W towing vehicle for maximum power, another 50W small supporting car to move the road carbon fiber antistatic bristles for installing a vacuum at technical quality levels.

All of this without you having to do anything, simply transfer your Roborock H6 to your entire laundry room with the luxury of guaranteed configuration lasting up to 150 AW

with an integrated audio level of up to 72 dB, with three refinements and a 10-minute list in mode Max up to 90 minutes in mode Echo thanks to its long-lasting battery, which guarantees 800 hours of cleaning without loss of performance.

Roborock H6, reviews and ideas: this is a 21st century broom

But be careful, because the flexibility of this Roborock H6 doesn't end there, but it's perfect a lock that simplifies its use, to keep the vacuum cleaner without pulling the trigger if we don't want to tire our hands, in addition to having a specific design that allows simple disassembly for easy and easy cleaning which will extend the life of the washing machine.

Special mention is also appropriate air purification system, which removes over 99.99% of allergens thanks to a five-stage air filter designed by Roborock, he catches worms, dander, pollen, and whatever good is found as it passes through our homes.

In addition, you can place a vacuum cleaner where it bothers you for its appreciation independent charging base, which also has a way of wall mount so the Roborock H6 is mixed in the middle in your engine compartments, without the need for it to be looked at or badly damaged in the house.

Roborock H6, reviews and ideas: this is a 21st century broom

Finally, we will have one again High-quality lightweight OLED display which will clearly show you all information about the device: vacuuming mode, battery level, autonomy, storage alerts and much more; in addition to i complete delivery of accessories provided by Roborock as usual:

  • Special Carpet Carpet with carbon fiber antistatic bristles, and ideal for standard floors.
  • The brush is designed to remove dust, which has long brushes suitable for removing the flat surface, removing all dirt.
  • Mini motor brush with rapid rotation system for cleaning upholstery and mattresses.
  • Nook tool, crannies, and access points.
  • The tube extends upwards.

Roborock H6, reviews and ideas: this is a 21st century broom

Updated with Andro4all's vision, using Roborock H6

The more we get into the more amazing stories, the more we have a few weeks using the new Roborock H6 Adapt Our house to bring you first hand our appearance, too the experience cannot be more satisfying While it is true that we have few things to comment on.

First of all, it should be noted that Independence and noise level vary greatly according to use which we offer a vacuum cleaner, starting with Echo we're dealing with a very quiet and strange device, mode Max you become a mighty warrior of dust-enclosed cords and dirt.

In our experiments, independence is not much different from that reported by the manufacturer, with a mode up to 11 minutes Max, about 45 minutes in mode Normal and more than 90 minutes in mode Echo, and the screen we have on the carrier is so useful that it will let it go I always check the remaining independence depending on the selected mode, in real time, the ability to easily change modes and clean everything like a charm without running out of batteries.

Roborock H6, reviews and ideas: this is a 21st century broom

And this is very important, because unfortunately one of the weak points of the Roborock H6 is that you need 3-4 hours to complete your money then back to 100% place again, so we advise you to base it every time you stop using it to stay ready.

Her keys are on various operations, because it allows cleaning not only on the floor and rough surfaces but and fabrics such as mattresses and sofas, and it is assumed that everything is put in a box basic accessories is standard and at no additional cost.

In fact he will Use your Roborock H6 in broom / vacuum mode, or again as a simple and powerful way to clean hands by removing the red vertical arm of elastic, if we want to move it to a car or other place properly to clean anything. Its light is one of my favorite features, without a doubt.

A very pleasant experience, a value very compatible with what it offers and without a doubt one of the best wireless cleaning services on the market: here is the Roborock H6 Adapt

Roborock H6, reviews and ideas: this is a 21st century broom

Releasing a tank is very easy, and easy & # 39; Click & # 39;, again at the level of materials and design the feeling that we are looking for a well made product, modern and out of place where one of the stars will easily be used.

its charging base It is also careful in terms of performance, Room for hanging other accessories and keeping everything cleanAnd it turns out that Roborock seems to be successfully designing a product around it.

The user experience was undoubtedly a lot of fun, and we can assure you that this Roborock H6 is one of the most efficient cleaning modes on the market, at least today, with everything you need in their box as standard and easy to use a value that is very much in line with what it offers.

Roborock H6, reviews and ideas: this is a 21st century broom

Roborock H6, prices and delivery

The new smart new vacuum cleaner Roborock H6 is now officially available in Spain starting today, May 14, with the most attractive retail price staying at 399 euros for its color Space Gray, the only one to come now in black and red details.

As you have already seen, the phone includes all essential accessories be the best cleaning partner, and make your own introduction Roborock also offers Geekbuying a 15% launch discount which will allow you to save 60 euros by following this link:

In addition, the Roborock Smart Handheld Vacuum Cleaner will be available soon on Amazon Spain via all the greatest benefits the seller online planet, even though the initial promotional period has ended, its price will be reset to 399 euros.

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