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This is the news of the new Apple Watch Series 6



Yesterday's event to Apple Watch and iPad. A new range of watches is getting in the way of iPhones and iPads by offering a more economical SE version. On the other hand, new Apple Series 6 It never ceases to amaze the public with innovations such as the integration of an oximeter or a new chip that improves battery life. Let's cross new novels for this new device which was shown yesterday in an important text entitled “Time Flies”.

The Apple 6 series measures the increase in oxygen consumption

The resilience Apple has given its smartwatch to the health sector was crucial with the launch of the 4th series and the opportunity to take the electrocardiogram. However, the new Apple Watch Series 6 including oximeter pulse that allows the user to know replenishment of your blood oxygen in just 10 seconds.

In this case, the clock is tucked in new red and infrared sensors that light project in the bloodstream under the skin. Depending on the amount of light entering the bloodstream and, therefore, in return we will receive oxygen filling data. The light collection it is produced for one purpose photodiodos. Once the data has been obtained, a high-quality algorithm is used and, finally, the availability of oxygen in the blood is obtained.

Reaching the rating is required to access the new app Oxygen in the blood. This app collects these values ​​and integrates them into the Health app with all the information Apple Watch collects, such as heart rate or VO2 Max level. The integration

of this measurement system It will allow Apple to continue investigating collaboratively with research schools as they have already announced topics such as COVID-19 or flu.

Extra health for all: the electrocardiogram is still active

The Apple Watch 6 series is ahead of time with an adaptive app and sensor that can measure your blood oxygen level. Get electro at any time and have your work data close at hand due to the constant Retina display. This watch will help you live a healthy, active life and connect to everything that is important to you.

The Apple Watch Series 6 includes Series 4 and Series 5 as possible perform electrocardiograms. This is allowed by the sensors and electrodes we find in the Digital Crown and in the lower part as well as the red and internal sensors mentioned above. The result is EKG of Leader I which provides important information to the medical community and a health watch clock agglorithm.

The guts of the new Apple Watch Series 6 are learning

The interior of this new watch is also something new. Apple also used the SiP system to do so install a new S6 chip. This processor is 20% faster than the S5 managed by Apple Watch SE and Series 5. battery still stored for 18 hours. But there is something new: instant withdrawals allow for 100% recovery in 1.5 hours, it is important if we want to use health services and monitor the sleep brought by watchOS 7.

Includes W2 and U1 communication sensors. This last chip is already carried by the iPhone 11 and is the chip that controls ultra wideband radio (UWB) that allows you to record an accurate location. The so-called “local awareness.” The iPhone 11 uses it to improve file transfer via AirDrop and the Apple Watch can use it to improve the phone's location, especially in confined spaces.

A constant opening display with a new active altimeter

In addition to health problems, other activities have also been improved as always-on display or Always-On. It is a function integrated in the previous 4 series that allows you to provide on-screen information at all times. With the new processor and new Apple Watch Series 6 equipment we'll talk about later The Retina display shines 2.5 times

beyond Series 5. In addition, as new, the user will be able to access the information, change the sphere and engage with sphere problems without completely unlocking the screen, throughout the Always-On.

Another new feature is the altimeter always works. Apple Watch will be able to measure the length at which we use GPS and WiFi networks. Also, can be set to remain on screen estimates of up to 30 inches in real time. This will allow the Always-On function and altimeter function to work together to provide the user with valuable information for other uses.

We welcome blue and PRODUCT (RED) in Series 6

Other rumors surrounding the Apple Watch Series 6 were the arrival of new colors. In the end, it has always been that way. The new clock has it two new red boxes inside the PRODUCT (RED) system and a new blue aluminum box. Therefore, the options available depending on the type of item and finish are:

  • Property case:
    • 100% recycled aluminum
    • Stainless steel
    • Titan
  • Finish box:
    • Graphite
    • Gray space
    • Payment
    • Oro
    • Dark space
    • Titanium
    • blue
    • Red

Undoubtedly one of the large apple colored watches with various colors, strings and finish for anyone. Therefore, the choice is more personal than ever, focusing on the latter and on material things. We emphasize that The aluminum case is 100% recycled aluminum,

especially considering the environmental value and natural impact of Apple product production on their latest keywords.

Spheres are for everyone but they have a lot of ‘problems'

Apple offers new fields on all the watches he brought. It’s something for every new customer. Special dial buyers of the new Series 6 did not get it with other smartwatches. That’s why Apple creates a product, experience, but above all product use and feel special to the user.

The new fields involve many problems and sometimes traffickers or people who have committed themselves as follows:

  • Dawn Patrol: seeing waves, wind in water sports such as surfing or kayaking using the Waterpeed app
  • Solar Watch: for those who love stars, planets and contelations
  • Meteorology: thanks to the CARROT Weather app you can have great weather information with this place

New dials for artists have also been announced. Geoff McFetridge. It’s the glowing fields that change every time you move your wrist with a new design. They cover the time on the character's face with pastel colors. And remember that you exist new dialing integrated with watchOS 7 news.

IPhone, more Apple Watch: because you live as a family

This is something new announced at the launch of the Apple Watch Series 6 where from now on We can customize multiple Apple Watchs from a single iPhone. We have to add this new one here because it is an unprecedented fact because previously only one watch could be paired with a phone. All thanks WatchOS 7.

Price, availability of Apple Watch Series 6

Apple Watch 6 series can now be saved from Apple's official website and shipping will begin on September 18, next Friday. Keep in mind that there are two types: one has a GPS connection and the other has a GPS + Mobile data that lets you not rely on the iPhone.

The Apple Watch 6 GPS series is starting to come in handy $429 while the one with both connections (GPS + mobile data) starts in the $529. Also keep in mind that there are two different models depending on the wrist: that of 40 mm and that of 44 mm. 

In terms of termination, the cheapest conclusion is 100% recycled aluminum.

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