AirTag inside

Apple AirTags have been one of the biggest draws among users since their introduction two weeks ago during the Apple Park keynote. This accessory allows us to locate in real time and thanks to the research network the different elements to which we adhere. The jewel in the crown is, of course, the technology around the network created by Apple devices in addition to the supposed long battery life according to information from apple. iFixit has decided tear off AirTags

discover the internal elements in addition to see interior accessory thanks to X-rays.

The AirTag is much denser and more compact than its competitors

iFixit and Creative Electron are responsible for dismantle the new AirTags and take different x-rays to check the inside of the new Apple accessory. The goal? Compare it with the rest of competitor locators such as Tile’s. The first thoughts went in the same direction: a compact and complex accessory with less space inside than the rest of the competition accessories.

According to iFixit, accessing the interior of the accessory is much more complex. They are also clearly displayed central magnet and built-in speaker to make sounds outside. This is seen not only through the physical disassembly but also through the various x-rays that can be seen in the image that runs the article.

This is what an AirTag looks like on the inside thanks to x-rays 1

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A video already appears with the first AirTag teardown

Likewise, it is guaranteed that a hole can be made on the outside of the AirTag to be able to make it adhere to a lanyard. without damaging any internal structure of the accessory.

Obviously, this is something iFixit doesn’t recommend, but they consider it to be a basic thing to try. Finally, it is important to note increase the density of fries, in addition to a general trend that we see in Apple devices: layered circuits with silicon, an accelerometer, power chips and a spiral antenna to emit signals.