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This padlock with fingerprints can be opened by magnetism




Just because a certain type of technology works on one device does not mean it works well for all. The fingerprint sensor on mobile phones is a good example: it works great on smartphones and similar devices; but there is no reason to introduce us to all kinds of things. This padlock is a perfect example: you wanted to use the latest security, but keep it as safe as possible..

The padlock we're talking about is this Tapplock One Plus, an electronic padlock released in 2018 that, in theory, opened with our fingers. In addition, with Bluetooth, we can connect you to the phone and turn it on there. The problem is that it's also obvious with a simple magnet we will be able to unlock it. And it is because of the installed electronic system.

padlock with fingers

Through its use of mobile phones, we may also allow permissions to other third party electronic devices. The idea is not bad, in fact, but its use is terrible because it can be logged in. And in fact, that powerful point of not turning the finger in just 0.8 seconds has become your worst enemy.

An electric fingerprint scanner that can be turned on with a simple magnet

All we need is a powerful magnet for a certain amount of time -No more than 30 seconds, as we'll see in the video- rotate the internal padlock process, to allow it to open. While it is true that this error has been reported in the product, which confirms that it is still looking for a solution, many people have already bought this expensive $ 99 padlock that has been selling since last year.

This is exploit It was discovered by youtuber LockPickerLawyer, specifically, by opening one of those suits and scans the interior. As we see in the video, where he explains how each element works, all you have to do is move the magnetic field repeatedly over the padlock from bottom to top

a few times. In this way, a small servo inside the electrical system circulates several magnetic movements, reaching their destination.

The problem is, for now, the only statement made by a brand is a comment on a YouTube video where he has published this information, without commenting on official channels or in public. In fact, we can still buy it even though we know it is at risk.

Oops! Congratulations LPL (youtuber) for getting this feat. Working with the magnet protection program, he will return, "the only product names, though on Twitter almost a week ago they had warned that they will update their website very quickly.

So, if you are one of those people who relies on that electronic framework to protect something, you better stop doing it, because anyone can turn it on. In the meantime, as we can see, it is still much safer to continue to rely on the mission lock, even though it takes longer than 0.8 seconds to open it.

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