The Apple channel now has three new videos related to the Apple Watch Series 6. Apple, in addition to the advertisements showing its devices, offers us a look at some of the functions that the new Apple Watch Series 6 and in this case concerns three videos in which he comes to tell us: “The future of health is on your wrist

What amounts to something like the future of our health is on the wrist.

Of course, having an Apple Watch today is synonymous with health, and it seems like every time better options are focused on healthy living. In the latest version of Apple’s smart watch, sleep monitoring and blood oxygen saturation sensor have been added. In previous versions, the option of perform an electrocardiogram, fall detector and other health related functions.

A few hours ago, Apple released three new videos highlighting some of these functions. The first of these is this one called “Workout”

and logically refers to the user’s training capacity:

There is also another video related to the ECG. In this case, the function that arrived in the Apple Watch Series 4 is very important for early detection of an anomaly in our heart, but logically subsequent medical monitoring is necessary to confirm the problem with specialists and as Apple explains this function well, this it’s not the case. detect a heart attack in all cases.

The last of the videos added to the channel is called “Sleep” And as it suggests, it shows us the options we have to monitor sleep and get better rest.

All these new announcements are from a little more than 40 seconds and show some of the features available on the Apple Watch Series 6 and in some cases on previous models, such as ECG.