TIDAL for Apple Watch

Choosing a streaming music service that most resembles the user has become transcendent for these services. A few days ago, Deezer released that it allows music to be downloaded from its platform to the Apple Watch for later offline listening. A few days later, Spotify moved the tab and allowed something that hadn’t been considered in years: downloading music to the smartwatch in the Big Apple, an option users have long been shouting about. Finally, Today, TIDAL joins, with the launch of an app for the Apple Watch with many options, including downloading music to listen to offline.

The TIDAL app for Apple Watch is now available

The TIDAL app for Apple Watch It is now officially available worldwide. To download it, simply search for it in the App Store from the clock itself and download it. When activated, a 5 letter alphabetical code will appear. Then from our iPhone we will enter link.tidal.com and enter the code that appears on the clock screen. We will press “Continue” on the iPhone website and “Done” on the Apple Watch and we can use the app.

The application in question offers everything you need to control the reproduction of the service. In addition, TIDAL offers three keys:

  • Listen without a tie: We can listen to TIDAL music directly from Apple Watch, independent of iPhone.
  • Listen offline: Moreover, you can download playlists, albums or songs to listen to them later without internet connection.
  • Music without ads: With the subscription to the service, all playback will be ad-free, as in the rest of the devices on which TIDAL has an app.

Apple Watch and TIDAL

TIDAL launches its app for Apple Watch with the possibility of offline listening 1

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So you can download songs from Spotify to Apple Watch to listen to them offline

TIDAL is a subscription-based music streaming service. If you are not yet a subscriber but would be interested, they make available to the new user one month trial. In the end, the fees for 9.99 dollars per month, similarly priced to the rest of the music streaming services on the current scene.

TIDAL (AppStore link)