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True Wireless cheap new heads with 20 hours of independence




At the same time as he continues to expand his catalog of phones with new models or models of existing countries (such as the recently announced Poco F2 Pro), Xiaomi continues to expand their capabilities different sectors of its broad product ecosystem. Just yesterday, without further ado, he introduced a new router with the support of WiFi 6, and a few days ago, we met his new mountain headphones with 9 hours of autonomy.

Now, it has introduced some headphones in China, but in this case, within its Airdots range, which includes models Real wireless manufacturer. It's about new Xiaomi Mi Airdots 2 SE, a modest and inexpensive version of the Mi Airdots 2S we encountered over a month ago.

With USB-C, but without wireless charging

Xiaomi Airdots 2

The main difference of the Mi Airdots 2S with the new SE model is that it is the last does not support the high definition of the LHDC codec

, but with the AAC codec. It uses Bluetooth 5.0 to connect to the phone and simultaneously transmits audio signal to each earphone, which, accord ing to Xiaomi, provides stable communication.

Each of the two heads weighs only 4.7g and offers up to 5 hours of battery life, which can be extended up to 20 hours due to a charge charge. It weighs 48 g and can be rebuilt in 1.5 hours because of a USB-C cable included, but not compatible with wireless charging, something offered by Airdots 2S.

Xiaomi Airdots

On the other hand, the Xiaomi Mi Airdots 2 SE has it integrated touch controls headphones and they can see when you take them out to resume playback and restart when you've turned it back on. They have no active noise cancellations, but they feature the same "Ambient Noise Cancellation" (ENC) feature as the 2S, which reduces noise during a call using two microphones.

They have no active noise cancellations, but they do feature the same "Ambient Noise Cancellation" (ENC) feature as the 2S model

In addition, Xiaomi confirms that there is something deeper integration with MIUI calls from the company, which can show you the remaining battery charge for both headphones and case and receive headphones as soon as you unlock them to automatically interact with them.

The Xiaomi Mi Airdots 2 SE is already pre-ordered in the online store Xiaomi in China, although shipping will start on May 19. The price for these new headsets is 169 yuan, which equals about 22 euros at the current exchange rate (They cost less than half of the 2S Airdots). At present, they do not know when they will arrive in other countries.

More details | Xiaomi


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