El Apple TV It is a product which, despite its many advantages, does not stop with the general public. A big part of the fault is the poor development of its applications and of course of the Smart TV integrated in most televisions of generalist brands such as LG and Samsung.

However, Apple does not plan to leave its multimedia center, in fact far from what you can imagine, it will be remodeled in a very short time. Everything indicates that tvOS 15 will be tvOS’s biggest makeover yet, including an interface change.

Let’s be honest, the Apple TV user interface is starting to get boring, especially given the rest of the Cupertino company’s operating systems, so it’s time for a renovation. In this case according to AppleTrack we will find many news, or at least shocking enough for tvOS 15:

  • The biggest UI overhaul in recent years
  • New redesigned App Store
  • Usage time information
  • Parental Control System Improvements
  • Improvements to recording system, TV programs and live broadcasts

This will all come from the hand of a new sixth-generation Apple TV which will come to live with the Apple TV 4K and it will probably be a fatal blow to the Apple TV HD. This will have 64GB and 128GB storage, accompanied by over 3GB of RAM and the new A12 processors. We remind you that the Apple TV 4K has 3 GB of RAM and the Apple A10X processor.

This product will arrive in the next few months And analysts say it should have been released months ago, but has been hampered by a streaming video game project from Apple itself.