Tweetbot 6

Twitter is now one of the largest social networks in the world. In this social network, the focus in recent years has been on fake news and unverified content. The goal is that the social network does not become a disseminator of fake news which increases the power of absurd arguments or theories. To access Twitter from your iOS device, you have an official application with all the news that is included, as it comes directly from the company. However, today it was released Tweetbot 6,

the sixth generation of a client of this social network which is becoming much more modern, adopts the functions of the official API v2 and brings with it a new subscription system.

6.50 dollars per year, the cost of Tweetbot 6

Tweetbot is a Twitter client for iOS and Mac. This version of Early Access for iOS uses the new Twitter API. We call it Early Access because there are so many new features on our roadmap that need to be created, as well as new APIs to embrace as Twitter makes them available. Tweetbot 6 contains all the features of version 5 and above.

Tweetbot 6 is already a reality. Finally, this client acquires the v2 of the Twitter API with which large functions such as maps or surveys are received. The reason the previous version did not have these features is because of Twitter’s mechanism to prioritize the API used by third-party developers for a while.

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So, Tweetbot 6 contains all the news of Tweetbot 5 in addition to these new features:

  • Timeline filters
  • Mute filters
  • Create notes on each user’s profiles
  • Custom timelines
  • ICloud synchronization
  • Create “tweet storms”
  • Columns (iPad only): TweetDeck style
  • Light and dark theme
  • Timeline synchronization

Developers ensure that new functions will come in the future when the Twitter API v2 is updated. In addition, it was included a subscription system. With the free version, you can only read tweets for a fee 6.50 dollars per year or 1 euro per month you can access the rest of the functions.

Tweetbot 6 for Twitter (AppStore link)