TwelveSouth presents the new ActionSleeve 2 bracelet for Apple Watch 1

The popular TwelveSouth Accessories Company, has just presented a new accessory for the Apple Watch. In this case, it is a question of passing the Apple Watch up to the arm and for that they have created a group that simulates the typical bands in which we can place the iPhone but in this case to place the Apple Watch.

As you can see in the header image, this new prop called ActionSleeve 2 It is designed to be used on the biceps or forearm, for example, thus allowing a greater range of motion at the wrist. We do not practice any physical activity.

TwelveSouth presents the new ActionSleeve 2 bracelet for Apple Watch 3

This accessory is logically not focused on all sports uses and it is that in many occasions, it is better to be able to see the watch in a simple way by placing it on the wrist, than with the watch on the front. -arms or biceps, so It is not a useful accessory for all users who play sports, as it will depend on your activity

. This new ActionSleeve 2, allows a full view of the Apple Watch screen, in addition to being able to measure all our activity with the sensors, the lock button and the digital crown are always easily accessible for use so you don’t will have no problems in this area. about.

This new accessory from the famous firm is compatible with Apple Watch Series 4 up to the most recent Apple Watch models such as Series 6 or Apple Watch SE. In this case, the price of this new TwelveSouth sports band to carry the Apple Watch to a place away from the wrist is priced at $ 39.99.