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Twitter will launch a subscription model soon



Twitter will launch a subscription model soon

Despite the success that communication from birth, to make money It’s a new business compared to all that is said. For this reason, companies dedicated to developing this type of app are looking for new profit-making ideas, which are not always in line with their preferences.

Within the list of new proposals, Twitter chief executive Jack Dorsey has made his own. With regard to the presentation of the second quarter report, analysts say that the social media company is finding additional ways to earn money, which could include some form. registration service.

This decision was made after A 23% lower reduction in Twitter advertising revenue than in the second quarter of 2019, due to an emergency sanitation situation that affects everyone right now.

Twitter is thinking about how to make more money

According to Dorsey's statement, Twitter is likely to schedule more tests this year for alternatives. Like many other social networks, Twitter is a free money-making service currently advertising money, but Dorsey said “there's a world” there Twitter can also have a subscription subscription service.

“We want to make sure that any new line of money fits into our advertising business … We believe there is a world where subscriptions are compatible, where trade is compatible, where helping people manage payments …”

With new projects and a negative economic outlook, the company has had to overcome some obstacles. Last week, Twitter was the victim of a computer designed for production due to the deception of a group of its employees to gain access to its internal systems by bitcoin authors.

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