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Two Apple Arcade games available for Windows and Nintendo Switch.




The Apple arcade

With the advent of new titles such as Spyder or the new version of Crossy Road, Apple Arcade is increasingly being touted in the taste of Apple's gamers devices. Now two of his games have been moved to other platforms and it seems that it is just the beginning of the expansion of service delivery, carrying to other devices.

Meet with care on Windows

If you've been able to play the famous installations of Monument Valley (1 and 2) you'll be familiar with the type of games they can offer UsTwo developers. With Assemble With Care they came to Apple Arcade puzzle and mental game to find out how to fix things

and improve to a certain extent to help the city's residents maintain their property.

With minimalist style, great graphics and fun challenges, you'll have a closer look at the game now unavailable on Apple Arcade, and thanks to PC's Steam platform thanks this collection is now available for download.

The news was not a surprise as according to Engadget, the Assemble With Care studio had already announced in December 2019 that the Steam program would be available in the first quarter of 2020.

Meet with Windows care

Shinekwai has gone deep into Nintendo Switch

In order to emulate action in the deep, Capcom introduced Shinekwai Deep Access for the Arc Arcade. This is a test game underwater exploiting all of its visual aids to bring the player to unique knowledge


From planning, resource management and availability, the journey made at Shin family's levels in Departments can be viewed it's really nice. Finding ruins, fighting marine creatures and sailing as sails is now possible on Nintendo Switch.

This kind of portable console has it additional propertyFor example, two new game modes, listen to your music while playing with audio filters. It is already available for purchase at the Nintendo games store.

Shinekwai has entered into a change of Deputy Nintendo

Currently there are two entries ended with the exclusion of Apple Arcade and bring the problem to other users. But the couple will not be the only thing, as Engadget mentions "What The Golf?", "Sayonara Wild Hearts" and "Shantae and the Seven Sirens" will also be available for console and PC soon.

If you have not yet done the games mentioned in this article I recommend you play itThey are very entertaining. And if you are already an Apple Arcade user and are confident in the service, I advise you to switch to an annual 2 month savings plan.


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