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Two generations of iPad released by Apple in 2012 and a possible Pro 20 from 2020




2012 was a particularly unpleasant year for the iPad, in the sense that it was outside the establishment until then. The iPad had been released two years ago and had been used for this year's release rate. However, 2012 violated this draft law and illuminated two different iPad models: the third and fourth generation.

Known as the iPad 3 and iPad 4, this chapter in the history of the Apple tablet goes back to the modern day after some rumors. The rumors broke a new generation of iPad Pro by the end of the year, just months after the launch of the new iPad Pro last week.

IPad 3 and iPad 4: same design, change of settings

IPad 3 Image from the iPad 3 update in 2012.

IPad 3

IPad 4


Retina 2,048 x 1,536; 264 dpi

Retina 2,048 x 1,536; 264 dpi


A5X; 1GHz

A6X; 1.4 GHz





30 pins



Bluetooth 4.0; Wi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n

Bluetooth 4.0; Wi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n lead band




FaceTime Camera



IOS support

IOS 9.3.5

IOS 10.3

In the table above we summarize the key hardware difference between iPad 3 and iPad 4. As can be seen, Apple took advantage of the generation change to introduce more than just a refresh of nutrients. The changes that will make the fourth generation tablet more efficient.

The IPad 3 was launched in March 2012, and the iPad 4 reached stores in November. For eight months he has been working on getting a new processor in Apple terms it is twice the capacity of the CPU and GPU. But this was not all, because he also took the opportunity to turn the port into Lightning, shortly after on the iPhone 5.

The jump meant for from iPad 3 to iPad 4 was much larger in terms of CPU and GPU, something that will not be repeated this year

One minor change was the introduction of an improved Wi-Fi that would allow AirDrop to be used, and FaceTime top camera. Ultimately, the set of features will allow this iPad to have support up to iOS 10,3. Five full years.

IPad Pro with A12Z Bionic processor

IPad Pro bionic

The cadence of processors underwent a major change in 2012. The first iPad released in April 2010 for its Apple and A4 processors. In June, accessed the iPhone 4. In March 2011, the iPad returned to release its new processor with the A5, which was due to arrive on the iPhone 4 in October 2011. But the following year, the silicon leadership of the iPad was changed.

The iPad 3 introduced the A5X processor in March 2012, an iPhone 4s chip variant with better graphics. The iPhone 5 would have it new brain in the name of A6, giving way to the iPhone as a processor leader. Something is up to date. Returning to (more or less) today, we find a similar situation.

The IPad Pro 2018 It had the inside of the A12X Bionic processor, a much more powerful graphics variant than the A12 Bionic processor for the iPhone XR, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max introduced a few weeks ago. Now, the iPad Pro (2020) features the A12Z Bionic chip, a the taste of the same processor for 2018, with one change: a core additional graphics.

The initial synthetic results are very similar to the A12X Bionic, making it clear that it is not a very different generation of silicon. This move is amazing, because iPhone 11 from a few months earlier it was still a senior generation: the A13 Bionic.

An iPad Pro photo by the end of 2020

barrier for iPad Pro 2020

This is almost always the case after new (and earlier) product launches, Rumors for future generations they began to spin. There are three technologies to be selected for the next generation of iPad Pro, namely:

  • A14X processor Anonymous last name, it will be based on the one we will see this fall and the new iPhone 12.
  • 5G wireless connection, which is expected to hit the iPhone 12 by the end of the year first.
  • Mini-LED screen, the latest technology available for large Mac and iPad screens.

These rumors do not agree with what the iPad Pro generation will be you are kind. The A14X processor is said to be unique to the iPad Pro 5G (the Wi-Fi model will hold the A12Z) launching later this year, where other features will remain the same. The mini-LED is also expected to be by the end of the year, though there are some rumors to launch it early next year.

The iPad Pro by the end of 2020 will again take place in 2012. There may be, but we should not take it for granted.

In recent years, Apple has announced the new Apple Pro in the months of October or November, keeping spring for smaller models. Update in October just a few months after this current is possible. And it's interesting. But it wouldn't go out of the ordinary.

Obviously, there is no official guarantee for any future model. Technically, it is best to buy freshly made products or wait for new models to buy older models at a lower price. If you expect a certain stimulus, you run the risk that you will be delayed beyond the rumors and will end up waiting for more than expected.

If you can wait, wait. If you need a product now and you can make a refund, do it.


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