The action or action we will see today may be that most of you already know and use it often, but I am well aware that there are people who do not know or have never remembered to use it so we will share it so that everyone can get that perfect quick shot

with these simple “tips”.

Two quick actions using the camera on your iPhone

The first of these is clear, the camera touch button on the screen

as soon as the screen of our iPhone is activated. With this button that works in the same way as the remote control, we will have a fast-acting camera, as soon as we unlock our iPhone screen which can be in tilt time with the active screen option when you raise it to Screen and light> Lift to activate.

On the other hand, the second act and that to me the fastest and most reliable I use the most, is swipe the screen with your finger from right to left. With this action, no matter if our iPhone is locked, our iPhone’s camera will work very quickly and will allow us to take that picture properly. We all know about iPhone camera performance, but making the camera work faster this is the best option for me.