Because of the coronavirus, Apple should not disclose its spring dots, custom threads released in March. As summer approaches, and we're still waiting for Apple's list of gowns, guys UAG has already launched its bet.

The Apple Watch strap accessories manufacturer, has launched two silicone strings integrating the traditional clock-binding technique. Apple's accessories for sports editions are pretty cool and luxurious, however, many users consider that it is not a safe option due to the fast program.

This Apple Watch cord tightening system consists of an anchor and a piercing to hold the wrist. The new UAG straps are made of the same silicone as the Apple Watch sports straps but with a traditional life-enhancing system, the system offers the safety required by users of this type of belt.


Like the Apple Watch sports belt, all other strings are hidden inside the belt so that it does not bother when we wear long sleeves or get caught up in any work we do.

The Scout Apple Watch list of Apple Watch straps is available in colors black and olive

. Soon and it will be available in color orange. The price for this thread is $ 29.95.


Another UAG piece we have we have this summer is wide Citizrian Apple Watch, a thread made again of silicone, the traditional way of the tree but finished in two colors. At launch it is available in slate / orange and black / orange colors. The price for this thread is $ 39.95.