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User complaints Ipad Pro: Keyboard piece out of battery




The new Apple Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro has received rave updates since its release. In our reviewFor example, we say "then without a doubt the best keyboard you can find for the iPad Pro." But not everyone is satisfied.

Several users Keyboard Magic pulling the battery iPad Pros, as reported 9to5Mac. The problem seems to happen especially when both the iPad and the keyboard are used and the backdrop is on, but it also happens even without tablet used.

it's still pretty much explained. When they introduced the keyboard, from Apple they never talked about how it would affect the autonomy of the iPad battery when plugged in, so perhaps we could consider it something out of the ordinary.

Magic keyboard does not have its battery, so hopefully that in some ways the iPad battery. The question is how much attention should be given.

Partners Tech Advisor They have tested him and the battery of the iPad Pro 12.9 "lasted 11 hours without using the keyboard 7 hours keyboard anyway. Those 4 hours difference is an imaginary number.

It is also unknown that it is common that this problem also if you fail in the hardware either software. From 9to5Mac think that backlit keyboard can become a very good use and maybe there is a fault.

So far, Apple has not commented on the issue. In the meantime, you can consult our Guide for tips on what to do to

battery on your iPhone stays for a long time, Also applicable to any iPad model.

First article published in MacWorld Sweden.


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