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Very good applications of processing images on iPad free and paid




Many people are talented and many have never been exposed to this situation: selling photography outside or going from one project to another. I mean, there's no time to go back to the studio, but you need to edit those pictures now.

Luckily there are applications designed for photo edits on your iPad that will make the lives of all photographers a lot easier.

However, in this world overflowed with all kinds of applications, image editing (from basic free applications like VSCO and Instagram, to professional apps such as Affinity Photo), it takes time and requires information to find out who was the one that works best for you.

Therefore, we created a list of the most known and reliable professional photo editing. These programs offer a large capacity files, custom brush, and the effects of various broad.

Whether we need to fix things and adjust the basic lighting, as if you want to create more photographic artwork, find in applications that meet any of these requirements.

And best of all, many applications are syncing with your ezikideskithophu, in order to be able to save and continue working when you're back on the desktop.

Some programs are free of charge such as Adobe Photoshop Express and Google Snapseed, comfortable but mainly paid, as is the case with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom if you do not have an account Creative Cloud.

Some can be purchased as a single purchase, in the case of Affinity Photo, other Pixelmator options less expensive and Enlight.

And now yes, find out what apps the best programming 10 photos of the iPad (some are available with the iPhone).

Photo Affinity

Affinity Photo

Affinity Photo Toolbar is one of the most beautiful photo are available on the iPad. With the ongaluvula, edit and save files in Photoshop PSD and select the library paints paint and painting.

It includes 360-degree panoramic leveraging image support with lighting and alignment. Sounds good? There is not bad: it is not free, although you expect after knowing all its works.

However, costs about 20 €, and is that really worth the investment. Please note that it only works for iPad Pro, iPad air 2 and iPad (old iPads are not supported).

The Photo-Affinity offers full support unlimited number of layers, the filter groups and masks, layer me asure, to organize a live filter, results, ezixubayo nemaski without destroying your image, and the application of images and artifacts.

This includes uploading a photo of blue, adjusting regulations such as exposure and lights, the details of the recovery by a linear color space without boundaries, lens correction, advanced integration, including HDR taking view on the keypad and the outcomes of major projects.

You can apply face, hair, skin and body restorations with the selection brushes, and to remove unwanted objects or red eyes, apply one or two plane view adjustments.

According to the brushes, you can choose from an extensive library that includes painting, mixer, pixel, knives and rewind brushes, or create your own custom brushes. You can work with all common formats multiple platforms, such as iOS, MacOS Windows.

Affinity is designed to make the app work even with large images, and make it compressible, clean, and sensitive so you can use your Apple pen, not to mention full integration with iCloud.

Affinity can download on your iPad Photo by clicking this link.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom iPad or an iPhone is a free application, and probably one of the best applications available for editing photos and videos.

But as this is the responsibility of Adobe, if you are not a member Creative Cloud you should pay for some of the features most useful application, to suggest that this app is best used if you are already a member, or if you register a trial version.

Basically, Lightroom works as "Pre-in-one": you can take a picture, song, blue and planning skills of the HDR.

Depending on your photographic skills, you can choose between high resolution and adjustment or spatial resolution, allowing you to use exposure, brightness, precision, and other features (this is a paid feature).

You can choose your own images (DNG file format) with a built-in camera formulated using five presets that can be applied at the time of capture and later altered; Or import, edit and synchronize photos from your camera ones on all your devices.

However, this last option is a paid job if you are not a member of Creative Cloud. From there you can edit photos and share great favorite social networks.

You can download Adobe Photoshop Lightroom on your iPad by clicking on this link.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express

Another application is the free Adobe, Photoshop Express is designed specifically for your iPhone and iPad. Its goal is to be a quick and easy planning tool when you're away from home or office.

Many people use Photoshop to re-Express photos taken on the iPhone or iPad, and create collages good look.

The application is ideal when basic photo editing tools that offer professional needed VSCO and Instagram, such as cropping, auto-correction, removing imperfections, adds a correction such as contrast and exposure as well as the use of filters.

You can import and edit photos with your green, watermark photos and share them easily on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp. In the latest Photoshop Express reminder, new formats have been added to Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest.

Similar to Photoshop Express, Adobe offers free apps Photoshop Mix (cutting and merging objects in different images) as well Photoshop Fix (Facial editing features).

You can download Adobe Photoshop Express on your iPad by clicking on this link.

google Snapseed

Google Snapseed

Moving away from words based software Full professionally as Adobe and Affinity, offering a professional photo editing Google display them free with the Snapseed.

Designed for the iPad and iPhone, Snapseed provides all the basic tools and filters while using JPEG and raw files, as well as some practical tips on how the app works and photography in general.

With Snapseed, you can open and edit files in the native camera and saved and exported as JPEG. You can change the exposure and color manually or automatically, crop, rotate, convert and play around with filters, frames, brush, white balance, DTMF.

Summary provides basically all the basics of image editing on the go, with a few advanced brushes, selection and subtraction tools, and touch features to give your image a perfect touch with a minimalist, easy-to-use user interface.

Google Snapseed can download on your iPad by clicking this link.



We tried Pixelmator frame and draw on the iPad, but also offers the service of sound, image editing layers.

Although it is possible that no review of the five inexpensive price, likely to be € 5, Pixelmator is ideal for anyone who does not have time to sort pictures manually.

Image editing with Pixelmator includes optimizing your images with single-touch color correction and pre-determined templates. You can select from a range tonal tool to soften the skin and a series of results.

However, please note that the only Pixelmator allows you to open and edit images up to 100 megapixels, so it may be best to work with photos from the iPhone or iPad in this app.

Like most applications in this list, you can pick up your Mac where you left it tablet or on the phone and, in order to move the workflow.

You can download Pixelmator on your iPad by clicking on this link.



PicsArt Photo Studio is a photo editor and founder of collages free, but has a drawing tool impressive and has just launched a new feature of brushes you can add a simple touch of your photos fun and surreal when used properly.

PicsArt Brushes gives you access to over 4 million free stickers, 15 different neon colors, a dot brush and pattern and a simple color brush, which you can "paint" in your photos in a single motion.

It also allows you to use a series of results, and although some of the work, there are certain hidden when you use work well.

PicsArt you can download on your iPad by clicking this link.

ADVA Soft TouchRetouch

ADVA Soft TouchRetouch

Although this is not software Traditional photo edits, iTouchRetouch ready to solve the problem: remove the unwanted item in the picture.

For only 2.29 €, TouchRetouch you get rid of power lines, cracks and scratches on the surface, people or animals slip in the picture, skin blemishes and things such as road signs, basically you get rid of all that you want from your photo.

There are video tutorials on how to dispose of these items. The app is produced by ADVA Soft, the developer of Handy Photo Anti-Crop.

ADVA Soft TouchRetouch you can download on your iPad by clicking this link.


to repeat

Recrop (formerly anticrop) is a simple but effective iOS ADVA Soft allows you to enlarge the photos, a plant or fix, Rotate or flip them to ensure that the structure is as perfect as you want.

For only $ 2, you can change your photo's installation after it's done. In addition the design of the user interface makes it really easy to use.

However, if you have problems, you should know that there are also tutorials that describe how to use this app to edit the image.

You can download Recrop to your iPad by clicking on this link.



Enlight is an easy-to-use application that lets you create your own stylish photographic art with the iPad Pro.

Enlight won the Apple Design Award this year (and App of the Year in 2015) i-Fusion its basic photo editing functions and beauty. The app allows you to create photo frames with your own images and artifacts, such as image overlay and double highlighting.

With Enlight you more options to control the color tone. Has built for each tool on the mask to be able to mix the results. Use two-tone icons and produce monochrome images with black and white image transformations.

In addition to the picture itself, Enlight users can create symbolic results, and change the image used for street or displays, display two images to produce the result wokuvezwa twice, and other forms of ezixubayo.

If you have not finished editing, you can save what you have done and start again. With € 4.49, fit.

Enlight you can download on your iPad by clicking this link.

Note: You may receive a small commission for each purchased is made using the links on our website, but it does not have the additional cost to you. This does not affect our editorial freedom. More details.


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