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"Vintage" and "obsolete" Apple products, this difference




Apple computers such as the iPhone, the company's premium products, with the largest number of users, are also used your operating system: macOS, that is, for many, much better than Windows, and for many others the opposite.

An American company, like any other, often updates its product range from time to time, and as a new Macbook or Mac appears, there are some older ones. classified by Apple itself as "inactive" or "vintage", and today we will talk a little bit about this division.

Macbook pro

"Vintage" and "obsolete" products, are how Apple is installed on certain computers

Apple uses terms different from what we call older products, which are no longer supported, or have certain limitations. And this is, in our opinion, a good thing when it comes to Users indicate whether their device is protected by a company or not.

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According to Apple itself on its website, there is a distinction between grape products and obsolete products, labeled as follows:

  • Vintage products are those that can be sold for more than 5 years and under 7 years. Legal Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod and Apple TV products continue to receive hardware services from Apple service providers, including Apple stores, subject to availability or law enforcement.

  • Obsolete products are those products that have been stopped over the last 7 years. Monster brand Beats products are considered obsolete at any time. Apple has discontinued all hardware services for outdated products, except for exceptions. Service providers cannot order parts for outdated products

macbook air test

Owners of the iPhone, iPad, iPod, or Mac can get help and repairs from Apple or their partners for 5 years after the terminal is no longer sold – or more if required by law.

Apple offers an excellent marketing tool behind its products, but everything has a conclusion, and there are devices, With all the products being made, there comes a time when the company won't give us another guarantee

on that device. And now, the time has come to move on to the grape products list, now it's up to the 2014 Macbook Air.

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However, the fact that the terminal is on one of these lists does not mean that it is a bad device today, because thanks to the great robustness Apple devices have, there are people who continue to work on even the 2011 or 2012 models. These concerns alone have no practical effect, but simply, these products run into a situation where Apple offers no such guarantee, but the hardware resources of Apple service providers.

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