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Vodafone UK forgets decoders and offers its Apple TV 4K customers a free year of Apple TV +




Most telephone and Internet service providers add a television station offer to their pockets. Most offer a content access decoder (see Movistar), but others turn to devices that have a specific reputation in the market where they allow users Access all your entertainment sources, such as the Apple TV 4K.

The Canal + television subscription service in France has been in the midst of offering its customers the possibility of using the Apple TV as a replacement for traditional interpreter. It is now Vodafone UK delivering set-top box from Apple for those who have contract rate Vodafone Together.

Vodafone Overall offers high speed broadband and unlimited 5G data

Vodafone Together

Measurement Vodafone Together It provides users with high speed Broadband and unlimited 5G data in the UK and Europe. In addition to the Apple TV 4K, a one-year subscription to Apple TV + is also offered, with the ability to select Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV Pass or Sotify. Prices start at 54 pounds per month


As PP Foresight analyst Paolo Pescatore said, so to speak Mac Observer, "Apple is in a great position to be chosen as a partner by telecommunications companies. Many of them are leaving expensive equipment and want to provide a much better experience than the number of devices inside and outside the home without worrying about the details or the speed.".

Also Max Taylor, director of a private business unit at Vodafone UK made the following comments:

"We offer our customers unlimited mobile data plans, unlimited home bandwidth and now Apple TV 4K with Apple TV + year included in the package. recording services and selection of content partners, we believe our customers can find all the entertainment they want in a simple Vodafone package. "

Will this route ever reach Spain?

Apple TV 4k Operators

In Spain, Vodafone currently offers the TIVO 4K decoder to customers with the right contract. The Vodafone TV app is available for a limited number of devices: smartphones and tablets via Android or iOS, PC, Mac, online on its website, on Samsung Smart TVs produced from 2017 or Chromecast. As they explain on the page, not available on Apple TV.

Therefore It looks like Vodafone Spain will offer an option in the near term. But when we look at other operators offering their services in the Spanish realm, things don't seem to be going well. Movistar + has been confirming for years that the Apple TV app is in development, but has not yet been launched. And in Orange, though it supports others tv boxes with Android TV such as Nvidia Shield TV or Nexus Player, and they are not referring to Apple.


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