watchOS 6

Gradually we are continuing to follow beta versions and in this case Cupertino company puts the new version in the hands of developers. beta 5 for watOS 6.2.5. In this new version they seem to be focusing on solving some bugs of the previous version and fixing security errors. It doesn't look like there are too many changes in the work level and it's just that the version of watOS 7 will manage to include these changes when it is introduced at WWDC in June.

Many new features are expected for the next version of watOS 7 and among them we highlight several health and sports related issues. Since its inception, the Apple Watch and its software have been manufactured with these components and today it is one of the best watches in the market. Discovery of panic attacks, new work cries out some will say it will be with children, many fields, many problems and more revealed will be introduced on the key Internet site June 22nd


The beta version reached the developer a few hours ago and as usual we do not recommend installation for these beta versions of the Apple Watch if you're not a developer. More than anything because on the Apple Watch it's impossible to go back in the event of an error or problem, so you'll have real headaches if your watch is blocked. These beta versions are quite stable, actually, but it's better to stay on them.