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WatchOS 7 Public Beta Now Available



WatchOS 7 Public Beta Now Available

While it does not make changes like iOS 14 or MacOS Big Sur, there is a lot of interest in watchOS 7. As Apple announced in WWDC 2020 in June, wato 7 will feature the most requested sleep tracking and power sharing face watches with friends, automatic hand wash timer, face clock face, new workout and more.

He software It will not be released until this year, perhaps next to Apple's 6 watches, but developers plan to trade watOS 7 following its announcement in June. Although Apple offers access to public beta for iOS and macOS, it has never provided public beta of watOS – until now. It has been confirmed that for the first time, curious members of the public will be able to try to watch watOS 7 in public beta.

As with all other beta versions of new apps, such as macOS Big Sur beta or iOS 14 beta, a new beta version of the new Apple Watch is available.

We decided the article to explain how to install the public beta version of watOS 7 if you want to try a new operating system before someone else. Keep in mind that it is still a version of the case, which means it may have bugs.

And if you want to buy a new Apple Watch, you will also be interested in knowing what is the best time to buy a new Apple Watch.

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