CarPlay improvements are improvements when compatible apps adapt to it and in this case we have one of the apps used by millions of people who getting closer to the update with a very interesting improvement.

In this case, Waze continues to adapt to the new CarPlay interface, as can be seen in the last released beta. A few hours ago an image leaked in the well-known medium The Verge in which you can see the Panel display in the app when used in CarPlay.

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This means that its implementation is getting closer and closer and users won’t have to see Waze in full screen when using CarPlay, we can enjoy maps and navigation with Waze in any part of the screen and the rest the applications or tools configured by ourselves. Without a doubt, this new way of navigating the screen is really useful to us when we are in the car, and it is also the safest when we are behind the wheel.

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We don’t have an official date for this launch and nothing has been officially said by Waze, what is clear is that they are working hard to ensure that users of this navigation app have this improvement implemented the most. quickly possible. The app was launched for CarPlay users relatively recently, in 2018 and around this time many aspects of its compatibility with CarPlay have been improved, so now it is necessary to implement this improvement in navigation from our car.