We continue to get some very interesting information from 9to5Mac that continues to break the code for that version of iOS 14 that it received, and now we're not talking about any new software, but rather hardware. According to this source, Apple will be working on the iPhone 9 and 9 Plus.

We already know almost everything to expect from the iPhone 9, that new "Apple" that will have the same design as the iPhone 8 but also inside the iPhone 11. This includes a 4.7-inch LCD screen Combined Touch ID, then build it in frames, however with the A13 Bionic processor inside, similar to the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro

. So it's a perfect phone for those looking for a powerful terminal that will last for several years working well but with the same design as always, and what's most important to many, in standard size.

So far we have to add a "plus" version to the 5.5-inch screen size, along with the same internal details as the iPhone 9. This iPhone 9 Plus would complete the Apple Apple entry list, and it was thought that they would come to replace the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, which would stop selling. The new iPhone will also include the ability to read NFC tags traditionally and backwards, something that is only included from the iPhone XR onwards, and what the iPhone 8 and iPhone X require.

We don't know the release date for this new species, They were expected this March, but that may have changed the global problem caused by the coronavirus. Problems in the design and assembly of terminals could cause their launch to be delayed for several months, and that no launch event was expected to include the new Pro.