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We've tested Google's newest text: inspirational technology




In recent days Google has announced a new work for its translator, a task we have found intriguing. Its name was a fast text and allowed us to write in real time what it said about the word, much like what the text said was quickly translated.

While the big G announces that we are happy, but does it work as promised? How do I use it? What are your options?

Google's quick writing, how it works

To have this function you need to have a new Google Translator app, even though it is still not enough. Google has announced that this feature may take a few days to arrive, as it is subject to ongoing submissions.

To find out if it's available, just look at the app itself, and push the button labeled.

When pressed, a screen will show the language we speak and how we want to translate the text. Most of the screen is blank text from which the text you collect will appear from the microphone. When we press the microphone button it will stop recording and when we press the cogwheel we will go to settings.

In settings we can change the font size, and choose whether we want a light, dark theme, or if we have Android 10 that uses the theme of the program. We can also add an index so that the text appears in our language, which makes it easier to talk to the deaf or hearing impaired.

And how technology works? Although Google promised to write faster between 8 languages ​​initially, today for faster access it is necessary to speak from English to another language, as it is slower and less visible in any other source language.

Instant text depending on the Internet, and often tells us about the problems of listening to us. These errors you would never know who to blame, if it was the fact that it was a new product, the saturation of networks or the fact that my neighbor was doing the work.

What I am clear about, though, is that it is unbelievable work that although everything works well and that when done correctly it will be unique.





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