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What changes when charging an iPhone SE with a standard or fast charger



IPhone SE 2020

The iPhone SE is upgrading Apple's latest processor, which is compatible with the classic design, and unfortunately it's an outdated charger. While in some of its advanced models Apple has already come together to install the 18W charger, the iPhone SE was left with a standard 5W charger that they had been Cupertino for many years including. This, coupled with the 1821mAh battery (the one already installed on the iPhone 8), may not be enough to get a full charge day in most cases.

To find out what difference we face when designing a new iPhone battery, from PhoneArena they have tried to charge the iPhone SE battery with its standard 5W charger and a faster charger from Apple (including iPhone 11 Pro) 18W.

IPhone SE

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Depending on the use of your iPhone it may not be appropriate to use fast charging

To see the times shown in the graph and the results, we see how fast charger reaches 100% charge over two hoursThe standard charger reaches 100% in 2 hours and 30 minutes, a difference that should be considered but does not give a decisive effect.

But if we can see the difference it should show in the first hour of charging, when with a fast charger we get 83% battery

compared with 57% of the normal.

IPhone SE cover included

This makes it clear where the benefit of recharging the 18W charger is, and if we are one of those who use this device a lot and in one case we don't reach it until the end of the day, The ability to choose a charger that within 30 minutes exceeds 50% charging can be very useful.

If you are one of those one-sided hackers to manage day access without updating their machine, you definitely don't need a fast charger. For your device's battery life, it's best to keep using a standard charger for example at night. However, If you need a quick recharge because you can't finish the day with your iPhone's battery, the 18W charger is a perfect addition for you, because it allows you to have a load of more than half an hour.

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