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What is Apple’s new nano-texture glass?



What is Apple’s new nano-texture glass?

The new Mac 27in comes with a special option that allows you to select the glass labeled nano display. This is the first thing we saw in the expensive Pro Display XDR monitor, but now Apple has sent you to an easily accessible location.

Now what is nano-texture? Also, should you pay the cost of installing this option on your new Mac?

What is nano-texture glass?

Glare is often a problem in brightly lit offices and homes, which can make a large, bright 27-inch iMac display more than just clear mirrors. One way to combat this is to display a matte display, but this is not really for sale in the Apple Store – so far.

When purchasing a new 27-inch iMac, you can opt for a new nano-textured glass, which significantly reduces brightness, but seems to avoid the cold and washed colors that are often in harmony with the choice of a matte finish.

All of this thanks to an intelligent design and a sharp process that leads to a display that can happily cope with bright light sources, even at the most expensive price.

How does nano-texture glass work?

One of the major causes of light emissions from lamps, windows, and other sources is reflected in the smooth surfaces of today's screen. Matte ends up fighting this by having some kind of on-screen coverage that spreads or lowers light due to its surface area.

Unfortunately this works both ways, so the light from the screen itself is also altered, which has led to the dark effects that often accompany this process.

Apple has taken it to the next level by sacrificing the cover and instead changing the location itself using smaller (nano) etchings. The etchings pattern means that the light rays that strike the screen are visible in different directions, eliminating much of the light in the process.

The smart part is that this somehow doesn't seem to have a big impact on the screen display. An initial update of the new iMac (including Roman Loyola's Macworld in the US) reports that it offers bright, bright colors that look similar to a non-nano texture model.

Of course, making all those small inputs in glass is a straightforward task so the price tag is $ 500, but hopefully as Apple postpones the process over time, we’ll see this feature put out for extra display and cost. Below.

How do I clean a nano-texture glass?

One of the highlights of Apple's new nano-texture glass screen is that the company insists it can only be cleaned with Apple-specific fabric. One is included in every shade, but we are not entirely sure what magical ingredients make such a special fabric.

There’s no denying that if you spend just half a billion dollars on special display technology, it’s probably a good idea to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and not buy a $ 5 knockoff fabric on eBay.

How long does a glass of nano texture last?

The need to use special fabric suggests that nano-textured glass is sensitive, which raises questions strongly. Dieter Bohn from The Verge spoke to Apple about the concerns, and reported the following:

“I asked Apple about the firmness of the ending. They told me they didn't want to give anyone the impression that it was wrong, but that, yes: over time, using something very annoying can damage that finish. Unlike other screens, there is actually nothing worn over. nanoacabado; just glass inserted and empty. ”

Should I pay for the nano-texture glass on my iMac?

The main reason to add an expensive nano-texture glass feature when fighting light on your iMac. Those who have money in their pockets certainly enjoy the indescribable splendor of the new “Deep L” display. But for many people it looks like an expensive luxury to add to a more expensive machine.

Maybe before you take it out of the glass with nano text on your new iMac, you can try moving it to another part of the room, investing in curtains, or just trying to work in the dark. For savings, you can buy a new iPad 2020 or iPhone SE. Just don't make them shine on your screen.

If you want to buy a new Mac you can buy it from Apple here, but you can find the best deal with a new model in our iMac deals.

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