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What's new in AirPods Pro Lite, AirPods Studio, Powerbeats Pro, and HomePod: Rumorsphere




After the introduction of the MacBook Pro 13 ", the new iPad Pro, the new Smart Folio keyboard / case or the new mouse holder on the iPadOS, it sounds like Apple rumors are going to break for a while, right? we have several rumors for future AirPods Studio, future AirPods Lite, new Powerbeats Pro colors and even talking about HomePod.

This thing is about music


As for AirPods Studio, a product that should be remembered that we do not have official confirmation, it seems we know all the details. Structurally, for example, we expect flexible parts so that the same topics will work well in a beautiful and beautiful sports environment. In terms of performance, we expect the AirPods Pro active audio suspension, with its transparent mode, ability to level the playing back to our liking and position detection to play or pause content.

Of these high-profile enticing topics, we also know about the possibility the price will be $ 349, we should only know its filing date. A day that could be tomorrow or this fall.

AirPods Studio

Switching to Powerbeats Pro, which we thought would be Powerbeats Pro 2, looks like a whole new range of colors. According to various sources, we expect Powerbeats Pro to come soon. available in pink, blue, spring yellow and reddish purple. The colors would be added to existing, black, navy blue, moss and elephants. Here again we do not have a visible date for the arrival of these new finishing options, but when it comes to spring colors, we can expect them sooner rather than later.

In furthering the music, we have also heard many rumors about AirPods Pro Lite. We might describe this new product as AirPods in the form of AirPods Pro. For now, we know a few details, but we can swear that it can be a cheap AirPods Pro version. The idea, according to some commentators, would be to do this a change in the design of AirPods Pro keeping costs low due to lack of noise cancellation or display mode.

Finally, we also have some information about Apple's possible plans with HomePods. Many rumors talk about the MiniPod mini, in terms of function and size. To the best of our knowledge, it is entirely possible that Apple has been able to maintain its HomePod features as well impressive sound quality, despite the reduction in its size.

With all these rumors, leaks, discoveries and rumors, they all seem to indicate that we are going to be an exciting year when it comes to music. Apple has always attached importance to music, and now with rumored products, it could further cement its brand vision with great design and great audio quality. We may see something new at WWDC or soon.


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