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WhatsApp also redirects the "search" function but only for the iPhone




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For many weeks, DarkApp's expected dark ways have reached Android and iOS users 13. And although many users of both operating systems have already switched to this version, only iPhone users can enjoy an additional feature that came with this update.

For those of you who have tried it, it is an easy-to-use feature, only available with the iPhone, which even deserves a different message as is often the case with most applications coming to the platform. By itself, WhatsApp has reset their search capabilities in the app to get the right text message, image, video or file from previous conversations.

WhatsApp has the best feature available on iPhone only

It is now possible to see an interface such as service iMessage on iOS 13. Touching the search bar uploads various shortcuts to different types of media, from photos, GIFs, web links, videos, documents, and audio files that have been previously sent to the app.

WhatsApp update on iPhone

So far, by tapping on the search bar, users can look for a specific word or phrase from a previous message from any user. However, the update has brought the option of reducing the search limit to conversations with a specific recipient

. To do this, simply tap your name at the top of the screen to upload chat details and touch the button "Search conversation".

WhatsApp on iPhone

With this structure redefined, WhatsApp looks to make everything more explicit when searching in our previous conversations. It also offers the choice of choosing between various suggested media as well as drinking the type of document or media that needs to be available for a specific discussion.

What do you think of this WhatsApp redesign with the search option? Did you notice? Share a comment!


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