WhatsApp black mode is now available 1

Black mode has entered our life through the main door, far from what we had come to understand over the years, now most of the devices that we have customize with black mode to try to improve our relaxation, battery usage and let's look at the night. WhatsApp tends to take it quietly almost every time, and this would be no exception. WhatsApp has finally introduced the black mode for your iPhone app with the latest update,

It was a time when users could enjoy this feature on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp black mode is now available 3

This feature was temporarily available in the "beta" version of WhatsApp, however it was also used in the official version. In addition, there were general complaints about how WhitsApp ended up using "black mode" for shadows that didn't look completely black. The company has definitely introduced an update that allows us to enjoy dark mode

completing that will allow us, among other things, to save a small battery, because the white background colors of WhatsApp and its usefulness help its high battery consumption.

This functionality will be configured in the view in Settings> Conversations> Theme> select "Black". However, in iOS I just didn't find that to work (which doesn't seem to work yet), so black mode is activated by simply activating black mode in the operating system as a whole, so it syncs with our onric. Certainly but without much acceleration, WhatsApp has dramatically improved its usage as it is part of the Facebook Inc team, so we won't complain at all. Touch to send text messages under the blankets without fear of blurring.