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WhatsApp for iPhone already includes natural communication suggestions in the iOS 13 sharing menu




WhatsApp Messenger is one of the world's most used instant messaging applications. The owner of Facebook, it has been recognized for its speed in its coverage of other services such as Telegal. However, it seems is hosting integration with the new functions introduced in iOS 13.

IOS 13 is the latest major app version of Apple & # 39; s iPhone and iPod touch. The most anticipated feature for users is the arrival of the black mode, another way in which it changes the system light tones for many of the switches where blacks accumulate. A few weeks ago WhatsApp already allowed the use of traditional black mode with iOS 13 APIs, and now it's time for suggestions in the sharing menu


Quickly share your top contacts

Whatsapp update

WhatsApp Messenger for iOS was recently updated to version 2.20.40 in the App Store. This update doesn't seem to include many new features, but it does include one thing enough to note: integration of contacts as suggestions

on the iOS 13 sharing page.

You probably know the square icon with a pop up arrow. Pressing it allows us to post content we see in our contacts. Before, to post something via WhatsApp using this method, we had to click on the app icon, but now shortcuts will appear for the people we usually interact with

on the sharing page.

This is an iOS 13 feature, so it is important for our iPhone to have this version of the operating system installed. Its main rival Telegraph has already included it in a review in November.


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