WhatsApp is testing new ways to quickly access stickers 1

Courier services have become our daily life. As Telegram continues to gain popularity with the upcoming launch of its professional-style video calling, WhatsApp continues to develop features in its betas. And it is that the betas of the new versions of WhatsApp reveal many of the functions that will likely be seen in the future, although it is true that many remain on the sidelines. In the latest beta we can see sticker suggestions, a type of quickly access stickers that have to do with a word,

like in iOS which correlates words with emojis on the keyboard.

WhatsApp could invoke stickers through words

The function was baptized as sticker suggestions both internally and on the site dedicated to the analysis of these betas WABetaInfo. The current state of the feature is that it is under development and will reach both iOS and Android as can be seen in the code of the different versions for the operating systems in question.

WhatsApp is testing new ways to quickly access stickers 3

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Sticker suggestions work the same as matching emoticons to words on the iOS keyboard. Stickers contain metadata

that allow to be correlated with words. The easiest way to figure it out is through an example. Imagine that we have stickers that revolve around the feeling of “sadness”. As soon as we write the word “sadness”, the icon of the stickers on the right side will change so that we can directly access stickers related to the word we wrote, in this case, “sadness” and only those that match the search will be displayed.

We can briefly check how it works in a video above these lines. However, there is a limitation: At the moment, third-party stickers do not work with this tool. In other words, not everyone we create outside of the WhatsApp ecosystem is compatible with this feature, at least in the beta that we are talking about. However, the internal sources of the application assure that they are working to be able to integrate it as quickly as possible with iOS and Android and even to be able to correlate, later, emojis with stickers, going one step further in this way of share that. content in our conversations.