2021 had an intense start, who was going to tell us after what 2020 was? In the technological world, the first controversial, and obviously the first is linked to whatsapp. The exodus of users of the app has started, an exodus caused by changes to its privacy policy. It was such that all Facebook alarms and they have decided to postpone the changes to the privacy policy until May …

Quiet, no one will delete their account on February 8 and nothing new will be shared that has not already been shared on February 8. WhatsApp postpones its modification of the privacy policy on May 15. They also made it clear that nothing we talk about with our contacts, or what we share, will be public, no one will be able to see it and less Facebook. A policy that is part of the end-to-end encrypted messages policy that WhatsApp offers us, and that too in Europe this will not affect users in the sense that the data is shared with Facebook.

There has been a lot of worrying misinformation and we want to help everyone understand our principles and facts.

We’ll see what happens with it all, I personally think we’ll all go through the hoop eventually. Yes, in the last few weeks I have received several notifications from friends who have joined Telegram, but I honestly believe that It’s pretty hard for Telegram to move WhatApp from power to at least countries like Europe

. Alternatives that we have, if we want to use other messaging applications avoiding accepting the terms of the green giant, we just have to “shake”. Does WhatsApp give you an advantage because almost everyone is there? stay, in the end everyone must weigh the pros and cons of their decision. And you, Are you going to be following on WhatsApp? Did you move them to Telegram? Signal? IMessage? Tell us!