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When will Apple stores reopen in Spain?




Apple's physical stores are still closed. Last March, the company announced it was closing all of its Apple Stores outside of China until it was again recognized as a security measure because of the coronavirus epidemic.

Now that it has been announced that some Apple stores will reopen next week in the United States, you may be wondering when this will happen in Spain. Likely, they will do so as soon as the diversion program allows it.

Entry to phase 2 of the diversion program will allow shopping centers in the area to reopen their doors, although capacity will continue to be 40%. In addition, it will not be until phase 3 when the common facilities and resorts of these facilities are opened.

At present Murcia and Zaragoza are the only provinces with the Apple Store able to move to phase 1. This way, if all goes well, Murcia and Zaragoza stores may open as early as May 25.

The provinces of Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Malaga and Valladolid continue in phase 0. They will be able to continue with phase 2 at the beginning of June 1, but this assumes that they have been able to meet the requirements from 0 to 1 and from 1 to 2.

While you wait for your nearest Apple store to also offer its services, you'll be interested to know where to buy its products, get professional service and enjoy its modern Apple app while it's closed.

What Apple Store stores exist in Spain?

Currently, Apple has only 11 official body shops in Spain: 4 of them are in the Madrid Community, two in Barcelona and 1 in Valladolid, Malaga, Valencia, Murcia and Zaragoza.


  • La Cañada Shopping Park
    Autovía del Med diliáneo s / n Exit Ojén
    29600 – Marbella (Málaga)


  • Puerto Venecia Shopping Resort, Gallery
    Avda. Puerto Venecia, s / n
    50021 – Zaragoza

Castilla y León

  • Río Shopping Stores
    I lost a screw, 5
    47195 – Arroyo de la Encomienda (Valladolid)


  • Passeig de Gràcia
    Passeig de Gràcia,
    108007 – Barcelona
  • La Maquinista Shopping Center
    Passeig de Potosí, 2
    08030 – Barcelona

Community of Madrid

  • Puerta del Sol
    Plaza del Puerta del Sol, 1
    28013 – Madrid
  • Gran Plaza 2 Shopping Center
    Calle de los Químicos, 1
    28222 – Captains
  • Parquesur Shopping Center
    Avenida Great Britain s / n
    28916 – Leganés
  • Madrid Xanadú Leisure Mall
    N-V Road, Km 23.5
    28939 – Arroyomolinos

Valencian society

  • Colon Street
    Calle Colón, 25
    46004 – Valencia

District of Murcia

  • Nueva Condomina Shopping Center
    A-7 motorway, 760 km
    30110 – Murcia

Where can you buy Apple products while the Apple Store is closed?

There are many who like to know how to touch a product by hand before buying it, and more when it comes to expensive electronic devices like Apple. However, at present you cannot, so what else do we have?

There is nothing we can do other than do it onlineAlthough this is something we are more familiar with today. Apple's online store has a visual interface and you shouldn't have a hard time picking the product you love the most.

If you want to customize it IPhone, IPad, Mac either Apple Watch For the ready layout, you should click on the product related tab and follow the steps shown to select the color, volume or screen size you want.

You can continue to purchase wireless chargers for your iPhone, cases and covers for your iPad, mice and keyboards for your Mac, strips for your Apple Watch or any other type of add-on from the Apple page.

It is common to worry that the product you buy online will disappoint you when you get home (although no one doubts the quality of Apple). Fortunately, you will know

return it and request a refund it comes 14 days after the purchase from the Apple store online.

In addition to the official store, there are other platforms that continue to sell Apple products. online during the epidemic. It is a form of Amazon, Fnac, El Corte Inglés, K-Tuin y Machinery, where you can also find already discounted devices at a better price.

How to get a technical service from Apple without having to go to Genius Bar?

On the web Apple's technical support You have everything you need that you can find in case you have any kind of problem with your iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, Apple TV, HomePod and, in short, any phone from the company.

In a sense, it will be enough to choose a product that you are experiencing problems with, and on the next page, you will find a list of lessons that will probably solve it. If what you need is a correction, you will find an option listed.

Both website as well Apple Support app They have a very simple guide to navigate the most complete content that should help you at this time. If you like, you can call or chat with a professional service.

For more information, you can contact ours a guide on how to repair your Apple device with closed stores, where we explain how to do it at an accredited rehabilitation center.

What happened to Today at Apple's plans?

In addition to selling products and providing technical support, the Apple Store has many entertainment programs. Although this is especially true in the United States, Spain and sometimes we enjoy Today at Apple's services.

Logically, these are set by the closure of company stores, but when we go to the web Today at Apple Home we see that they are gone too online with the exciting promise of tutorials.

For example, you can learn how to create smooth drawings on an iPhone or shoot video quality videos of your own smartphone. Some videos will help you create music with GarageBand or draw drawings with your iPad.


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