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When will the phone be repaired?



Huawei Mate X

The year 2019 marked the arrival of the market for the first wrapping smartphones. It wasn't easy, devices like Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X They went through some problems before the sale, but are now available to the public. They finished hitting the market a few months ago, both at a price in excess of 2,000 euros.

We met again at the end of the new year Motorola RAZRrecently Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, which is different and somehow cheaper, but equally expensive. In an interview with Wired, Huawei & # 39; s mobile division manager addressed the issue wrapping smartphones and their high price, in addition to other issues.

The future of cell phones is according to Richard Yu

The price of wrapping calls inaccessible to a large segment of consumers. Logically, we are looking at the newest technologies, some closer to computers than the final product, and all this comes at a cost. The question is then clear, When will folding phones cost more or less the same as usual?

That's exactly the question they raised on Wired. As Richard Yu said, it might still be coming, the technology used must continue to improve

thus the cost can be reduced.

I think we will need more than a year; maybe a year and a half or two. The costs in that category are very high; we run out of money. The cost is so bad that it's hard to believe, you can't make a profit. But the demand for the market (referring to Matt Xs) is huge. We continue to grow our product to increase the number of shipments.

What happens during this time is 2020 with the launch of Samsung or Huawei itself, it can give us more information about where the smartphone wrap market is headed. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip has been an alternative to the Korean company's catalog and we expect it to win the Money Fold sometime this year.

Huawei Mate X, camera

The price of these devices was not the only topic discussed during the discussion. Huawei's head office He also spoke about the global crisis we are experiencing, with coronavirus-induced effects on international Chinese.

We have a coronavirus and a United States ban, both of them together, but coronavirus is a challenge for everyone. I think we can do better than other companies. We have been making P40 since last year, from December to March. Our supply is recovering quickly in China.

Huawei has been hit with two hard hits in a short period of time, but according to Richard Yu, they were able to act quickly and effectively in the face of coronavirus spread. They have taken steps to protect their employees, and since thousands of businesses have closed throughout China, they have been able to continue working. Some did it at home, some at their places of work, but Huawei's gears didn't stop.

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