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Why we should disable notifications from our smartphone




It is clear that technology exists to help us, you can just see that a smartphone today is more than just a simple tool to call or text. For many, a mobile phone almost like a small computer to manage his office, the internet or a series of websites.

But the mobile phone is also a distraction creature. What if a WhatsApp message, a Like on Twitter, a notification on Instagram … all day long we can get up to thousands of notifications and this can be very dangerous, especially if what we are looking for is to be productive or focused on our work. The solution? Turn off all these notifications.

Why turning off notifications is the best way to avoid interruptions


My work (both as an editor at Andro4all and as a lawyer) there are many things in common. The first is that we use the computer a lot for writing and we need to be very focused. Second, that the smartphone is an important tool.

Of course this is contradictory. You cannot focus on trying to write text for hundreds of words while continuing to receive messages, emails and / or notifications on mobile. So in the end will turn off notifications completely, at least as long as he was completely focused on writing.

We will not deceive ourselves. I'm easily distracted and getting any notification was a good reason to see the latest news from your Instagram contacts or see what's happening on Twitter. This was time-consuming.

Due to disabling notifications I am "learning" to be more productive in my present day

. I no longer view my smartphone as usual and if anyone wants to contact me urgently, they call me, they do not send me a message via WhatsApp.

In short I recommend you turn off notifications, at least when you have to focus on something important. I've done it and even though for a few hours looking at the black screen of your mobile phone you think you'll get an important WhatsApp message – destroyer: no important WhatsApp message – it's ultimately very helpful. I also think about doing it permanently so I don't have to look at the phone all day.

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