One of the most anticipated products by Apple users was the new HomePod mini, the small HomePod speaker is a real hit in a market that demand smart speakers and that they be at the right price or as low as possible.

The new HomePod mini became a perfect addition for users who wanted a central home accessory but not at the price of HomePod or Apple TV. In this case, this smart speaker quite fits many Apple user profiles, but now several of them have problems with the WiFi connection.

Some issues show up in Apple forums that worry about their solution being “complicated”. In that case the problem lies in the disconnection of the speaker from our WiFi network which causes a not very good user experience.

Precisely Siri often responds to these disconnections with the typical phrase “I am having difficulty connecting to the Internet and it seems he’s doing it more often than expected. Either way, Apple recommends restoring HomePod mini or restarting as a solution, but that doesn’t seem to fix the issue since it’s a temporary fix.

It is true that this issue does not affect all users of the new HomePod mini, so it seems appropriate for some units, but if the issue continues to spread to the end, Apple may take action on it. material with the replacement or even a specific replacement plan if it is a material failure. Do you have a HomePod mini? Are you having problems with the WiFi connection of this? Leave us your comments about it.