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Will Apple launch its VPN service?



Will Apple launch its VPN service?

If you've ever watched an Apple event, you'll remember Tim Cook or one of the company's top secret managers. Do not say that it is one of its pillars: a hardware and a software that “puts user privacy first.”

The rise in weather for VPNs in recent years has been positive. Protecting your privacy is more important than ever online, and a VPN is the best way to do it. They are cheap and there are free options that do the job well.

But there is a big problem. For many, VPNs remain a mystery, and there are many options. They all offer a service that is unique.

Some security companies today go with their VPNs with their antivirus, which also works well. But none of the top four (Apple, Microsoft, Google and Amazon) have migrated to the VPN world and created normal


Google will not, for obvious reasons, and Amazon be impossible. We would not be surprised if Microsoft decided to offer something like Windows Defender at some point. Apple, of course, will be the first to launch a VPN.

Recently, Digital times posted that the company was buying a lot hardware

servers this year and, although at the moment just speculation, this could include a new service. And why not maybe a VPN.

Apple VPN may not use technology (not required), but it can make things easier for millions of iPhone, iPad, and Mac users who can hit the subscription button (as is the case with iCloud) and have privacy online without thinking too much about it.

People trust Apple as a product, and that can’t be said for the many VPN services you can sign up for today – they’re not home names yet. Even NordVPN.

If the last decade has taught us anything about how Apple works, that it is not a company that needs to be at the forefront of the market. We'll have to wait and see what he'll do with the new servers. But if you end up launching a VPN service, the privacy box can be firmly tapped.

Don't miss the event for Apple next September 15th. We explain how to follow it live.

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