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Will the fingerprint sensor go back to the iPhone? Qualcomm hopes so




Set up face ID with Apple Pay

Face ID has become a an identity document on the iPhone, all models released in 2018 and 2019 are already incorporating this technology and that notch the upper part represents what the button in the lower right part of the device represented, as we have said, was the signal element feature and now we have this. However, many of us have missed the iPhone contact ID since the time of its disappearance, and we would welcome its re-entry. Now Qualcomm introduced a fingerprint sensor built into the latest generation screen and expects the iPhone 11 to choose to use it, What do you think?

This fingerprint sensor was introduced during this year's Snapdragon Conference, and it basically represents the second-generation ultrasonic fingerprint scanner and is fully integrated on the sign-up screen. Qualcomm brings with it a series of benefits that will appeal even to the iPhone 11 Pro, The first is that it has a range of 17 actions, it would actually be about 20mm x 30mm on the screen, which would make it easier and faster to open the machine, and above all, it would put the system in the smallest of errors.

Logically, Apple tends to find a broader communications landscape, a clear example of how MacBook's communications / tracks have grown steadily and thoughtfully. In this way the sensor is large enough to cover most of the lower center of the screens, failure is likely to occur. In addition, according to Qualcomm it is much safer than all previous versions, however We must not forget that the company is responsible for the fingerprint sensor on the rising screen Samsung Galaxy S10, which has not been praised for its performance and safety.

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