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Winding Worlds is a new puzzle game found in Apple Arcade




Apple Arcade has proven to be a haven for independent developers, who see how their games receive special attention from the App Store team and app subscribers. Because of this, more and more people decided to present their experience to this forum, thus expanding their installation catalog available only to those who joined Apple Arcade. AND however tempting the game may be, they all have their place.

Today, for example, we witness the arrival of Winding Worlds, a game developed by KO_OP, creators of GNOG. In this new article, we will have the power to touch our fingers a little girl named Willow you are drawn on a journey through various lands

. For each of them, you have to help its inhabitants, the souls that fill these planets, solve different puzzles, each one more difficult than the last.

Winding Worlds is defined as an adventure that teaches us to be beautiful, to leave the past and to face pain and truth, but also to appreciate the love and importance of accepting yourself and others. Certainly, it is a moving and fun story

It will attract players of all ages, with unique art style and many characters, big and small, to get together there.

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This new game is now available in the Apple Arcade library for all subscribers, as well as many additional titles. And you can enjoy it all, without ads or micropayments, only 4,99 euros a month, with no commitment to stay and you may be able to share subscriptions with the whole family and on all your Apple devices, from your iPad or iPhone, to your Mac or Apple TV.


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