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Windows Mac Device Registration Settings



Windows Mac Device Registration Settings

App subscription services have become a headache for many users, users they are not willing to pay every month using a pre-purchased app, an extended app and a Mac ecosystem system.

In 2017, Setapp was launched, a separate app subscription program instead of Mac App Store. In exchange for $ 9.99 a month, today, it gives us access more than 190 applications of all kinds, some of which are also available on iOS.

One of the requirements for many users of this subscription is that they have access to it turn on premium features of registration applications available in this forum, which are required at the end.

Obviously, Setapp does not release an iOS app that allows you to download these apps (Apple Guidelines do not allow this). The method developed by Setapp is still real, a feature that allows subscribers to register their devices, either iPhone or iPad as additional devices.

Once they have registered, they should only check if the app they are using on Mac has an iOS version. For now Only 7 applications available on iOS

Also available on Setapp: Ulysses, Paste, Gemini Photos, Taskheat, SQLPro Studio, Mind Node and PDF Search.

How Setapp works on iOS

Each application has two corresponding QR codes. one that installs the app on the user's iOS device through the App Store and the other Open the full version of the app available on Setapp.

In order for developers to provide their apps via Setapp, they have to go through the review process looking at user information, security, user privacy, notification performance …

Setapp distributes money among developers based on application usage within the service. All updates and new features introduced in the existing apps market are completely free

Apple has nothing to do with it

This is a new strategy without a doubt Apple would not have been harmed, because it does not keep 30 percent of the subscriptions for these apps. There is nothing he can do right now, but considering that when the ropes are dug, he makes irrational announcements and / or movements, we can expect anything.

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