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Word and PowerPoint get split view support




A few hours ago a giant weRedmond has released an update for Word, Excel and PowerPoint version of its iPad. These new versions, without declaring the "bug fixes" only to bring the remainder of the attraction: support for split view. This review comes a few days after the compliance mouse and trackpad, one of the most important thing.

Multiple documents and multiple applications at the same time

The Word

With this update we can use Microsoft applications view mode Split, where we see the screen is divided in two applications at the same time, or Slide Over, esingaswayipha other application than the one we use


In addition to the ability to use this program to work with two apps at the same time, and we can use it to view and edit documents at the same time. With this new update we can open the app the same Word or lwePowerPoint times. Excel, at least for now, or compatible with Split View, doesn't allow you to open the application twice, so the two can not work with spreadsheets at the same time

, Or even print Excel Word or Excel and PowerPoint.

Without a doubt, the increase in productivity is beyond remarkable, especially when we have to work with two documents to copy and paste between them. From being open and close documents continuously him just drag and drop from a document to another we have on screen.

Little by little, and because of the reviews ezinjengezanamuhla, the iPad becoming emits its power as a trained. Hopefully, Microsoft will update Excel soon beforehand so that, like all other developers, we can work on multiple documents at the same time. Remember that a few days ago i-suite was updated to provide the support of the track rats nawemkhondo.


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