This year will be different in many ways, one of which will be how WWDC 2020 will unfold. An Apple developer conference where we'll see what iOS 14 will be like It will be online for the first time in history, and it already has a date: June 22.

We already knew that Apple had decided that this year's WWDC had no facial expressions. It would be an online conference, due to problems with the global Coronavirus epidemic. But we did not know that it was the first day that the scheduled events began, which is the covenant today. The first WWDC 2020 event will take place on June 22, which has always been a presentation event where the best novelties will bring us 14, in addition to other platforms: iPadOS 14, watchOS 7, tvOS 14, and MacOS 10.16.

This WWDC 2020 is provoking great excitement among the company's fans, as se you can see the news that will feature their iPhone, Apple Watch and Mac from September

, the day the new versions are officially introduced. But it's also an important event for thousands of Apple application developers for different platforms, and forums on how to use the features presented in their applications, or how to create new applications thanks to the new tools provided. This year there will also be an event for students, which is an industry where Apple is drawing more attention to the world of application development.