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Xiaomi is delaying the global launch of the Mi 10 following the cancellation of the Soft World Congress 2020




The news came yesterday after an entire day of uncertainty. GSMA has been canceled by the Mobile World Congress because of the stance made around it, largely triggered by the Wuhan virus outbreak. Editors have passed the cancellation without announcing another day, after a massive escape from the main characters who have fallen for the day and the legacy.

Xiaomi is one of the companies that, despite having the virus, confirmed that it was present at the event. After its cancellation, the brand sent a statement indicating that you are canceling your global event scheduled for February 23, postponed until further notice.

The Xiaomi Mi 10 will have to await its worldwide launch

Xiaomi Mi 10

According to Xiaomi, they are aware of and understand the decision made by GSMA to cancel MWC 2020 demanding higher security for participants. Xiaomi will also delay its Mi 10 launch event, scheduled for February 23, one day before the MWC.

Xiaomi announces a delay of the Mi 10's global arrival, though it has not announced an official date

Today we had news about the Xiaomi Mi 10 and Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro, the two top edges introduced in China and that it is expected to be the first arrival of the Snapdragon 865 series in Europe.

However, as Xiaomi points out, the signal will be unveiled worldwide on February 23 as planned, because the launch will be delayed. For now there are no estimated dates for the global release of this decision, just a guarantee that we won't see him coming to Barcelona for a different event in Europe (without knowing whether he will be in Spain or not.

Xiaomi's move is yet another on the list of manufacturers who will need to change their agenda after the asset cancellation. Others decide to continue hosting events online, others postpone the day, etc. From Xataka we interact with various brands to know its position.


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