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Xiaomi is rising to the top of Forbes' list of the most important companies




Xiaomi has been steadily declining and limited for a few years, and in fact, since it officially arrived in Spain, The Chinese company has not stopped moving forward, being the company selling the most smartphones in our country, with an annual growth of 46% compared to last year. Impressive numbers.

Well, last year in 2019, the Chinese company last entered a list compiled by Forbes magazine of the world's most important companies, And now, in mid-2020, Forbes has published a list of updated companies, and Xiaomi has not only stayed on the sidelines, but also increased positions compared to last year.

Xiaomi Mi 10 transparent

Xiaomi is upgrading its product from last year in the Forbes magazine list

Each year, Forbes produces a list where it lists the most important companies in the world, and by the 2020 plan for this phase, Xiaomi was able to rise from 426 last year to 384. That is, the company has gone up by 42 positions compared to 2019, notable improvement, and so on, considering that it is the second consecutive year the company has come from that list.

In data used by Forbes from Xiaomi, money comes from the company's marketplace, currently showing that it is $ 31 billion, its sales, totaling $ 29 billion, or the number of employees it has, amounted to 18 170. Besides, there are details such as the company's founding year:

  • Market capital: 31 500,000,000
  • Sector: Technology and Hardware
  • Annual baseline: 2010
  • Country: China
  • Managing Director: Lei Jun
  • Staff: 18,170
  • Total sales: 29,800,000,000
  • Headquarters: Beijing

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Xiaomi is a young company, and they have been working hard to make a name for themselves in their country and without it, and the fact is that they have found it, not only with their smartphones, perhaps the product we know best, but also with its many products -Both technical and non-technical- we can get high-end headphones like Xiaomi AirDots,, or things like their ice maker.

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Xiaomi continues to maintain its diversification strategy, which so far has gone a long way, too Every year that passes, he seems to do better. Now, we'll have to wait another year to see that if the following year, following the collapse of the smartphone market we are experiencing as a result of the coronavirus, the company retains its status, surpasses it, or even maintains the bottom line this division in Forbes magazine.

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