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Xiaomi Mi Band 4C is official: features, price and more



Xiaomi Mi Band 4C is official: features, price and more

A few weeks ago Xiaomi announced that until then what the last great threat had presented. We're talking about the Mi Band 5, which is a device we've already explored on the blog and even told you about the strategy.

Little by little, and we knew that this product was working on new models that would be introduced soon. One of them has just been unveiled in Hong Kong, though it does not use the name of this year's bracelet, but is listed as a 2019 model variant.

A well-known model

It's not the first time we've seen this device, and that in recent weeks there have been various leaks that have announced what is now official. The Xiaomi Mi Band 4C remains the same threat as the Redmi Band.

Xiaomi has decided to rename the first Redmi smart bracelet model to include in its catalog abroad. It's the same thing he did with the Xiaomi Mi 9T and 9T Pro, sold in Asia like the Redmi K20 and K 20 Pro.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4C is official: features, price ...

Among the tasks included include sleep rate, heart rate monitor, the ability to control music playback from our mobile phone and receive notifications and phone notifications.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4C is official: features, price ...

It also differs from the other Mi Band in the charging system, the same we saw in rings such as the realme Band and that doesn't use the adapter, we plug it directly into the USB port.

Price and availability of Xiaomi Mi Band 4C

The official announcement was made in support of Xiaomi in Hong Kong, where the bracelet sells for $ 158 locally. The exchange is about € 18, a little less than what the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 calls in China.

We do not know if it will come to Spain with this name, original name, or if the company will focus specifically on Mi Band 5.

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